Hycrete Introduces Performance Warranty for Flooring

New Hycrete System V solves moisture-related flooring failures.

CARLSTADT, N.J. - Moisture in concrete has emerged as a leading cause of flooring failures - and litigation - in construction. EPA bans have eliminated VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from flooring adhesives, but leave adhesives more vulnerable to water.

Advances in vapor barriers have helped, but so many things can go wrong in construction that no manufacturer has yet been willing to offer a performance warranty.

Hycrete, a firm dedicated to solving problems associated with water in concrete, today introduced a full performance warranty against moisture vapor related flooring failures. Hycrete System V combines hydrophobic concrete admixtures and field service to protect flooring and building interiors from moisture vapor-related problems. Specifiers, contractors, owners, and the market as a whole now have access to an elevated level of insurance and peace of mind. Using Hycrete System V reduces the potential for costly shut down times, interior damage, and revenue loss.

Flooring manufacturers typically require a specified MVER (moisture vapor emission rate) before flooring can be installed. Concrete that hasn't adequately dried, that has absorbed moisture from the ground, or that has been rewet by rain, make these requirements difficult to meet; sometimes they are simply ignored.

Hycrete System V eliminates this headache. Flooring can now be installed after 28 days of concrete placement with no fear of failure, accelerating construction schedules. Also, concrete that has not yet received flooring may be re-wet due to rain or site conditions, re-setting the drying clock and delaying flooring installation. Hycrete W1000 admixture (a component of Hycrete System V) keeps water out of concrete by shutting down capillary absorption; the drying clock is not re-set and flooring can be installed as scheduled.

"Hycrete's introduction of a performance warranty to the flooring market not only rounds out the Hycrete product line and leverages its existing high-caliber field service team, but reduces the risk of moisture-related flooring damage for specifiers and builders in critical markets such as healthcare and education, two of the most robust markets," says Hycrete CEO, Richard Guinn.

Hycrete System V is ideal for below- or on-grade slabs where flooring is being installed, as well as for suspended slabs where there is concern of concrete re-wetting after placement. Specific applications include hospitals, schools, office buildings, and multi-family structures. Hycrete System V deepens the Hycrete product line and provides another solution for specifiers and builders when addressing moisture-related building concerns.