Hawaii DOT to Test Carbon-Injected vs. Standard Concrete

The side-by-side comparison will allow HDOT to determine the potential of carbon-injected concrete for road projects in the future.

Big Island Now
Guille Pozzi 433656 Unsplash
Guille Pozzi/Unsplash

The Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) is testing the potential of a concrete mix injected with waste carbon dioxide as a sustainable alternative to standard concrete, according to Big Island Now. 

The test involves placing 150 cubic yards of carbon-injected concrete next to an equivalent placement of standard concrete mix, which will allow HDOT to determine if the use of carbon-injected concrete makes sense for future road projects.

The carbon-injected concrete used in the testing is produced by Island Ready-Mix Concrete using waste carbon dioxide from Hawaii Gas. The carbon dioxide is mixed into the concrete using CarbonCure technology. The resulting product traps carbon dioxide in mineral form within the concrete and improves the comprehensive strength of the material.

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