Marines Use 3D Printer to Create Concrete Rocket Launcher Shelter

The Marine Corps recently tested a 3D printer capable of fabricating entire buildings within hours

3D Printing Media Network
3D Printed Building
The U.S. Marines used a 3D printer to create a concrete rocket launcher.

3D Printing Media Network recently published a story about how the U.S. Marines used a 3D printer to build a concrete rocket launcher shelter. According to the article, ICON, known for 3D printing homes and communities in Mexico and central Texas, has been prototyping various structures with DIU (the Defense Innovation Unit) and USMC utilizing the technology that combines 3D robotics, software and advanced material.

In January 2019, Marines were trained on the software, robotics and material delivery sub-systems at ICON’s lab with the goal of a future field demonstration to build structures important for expeditionary construction.

With only a few hours of field training and shadowing ICON operators on-site, the Marines took over as the primary operators and 3D printed and erected a Vehicle Hide Structure at Camp Pendleton in California. 

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