WCA Launches Climate Partnership Program, Virtual Open Day Planned for June 2

World Cement Association's Climate Partnership program is planned to be a collaboration with NGOs, think tanks, and sustainability-focused events providers. The WCA Virtual Open Day virtual conference is planned for June 2, 2021.

As part of its continuing Climate and Environment commitment, the World Cement Association's (WCA) new Climate Partnership program will be a collaboration with organizations such as NGOs, think tanks, and sustainability-focused events providers.

To date, the organizations that have already signed up are Climate Action, Decarb Connect, and Smart Surfaces Coalition.

  • Climate Action establishes and builds partnerships between business, government, and public bodies to accelerate international sustainable development and advance the ‘green economy.  This is achieved by providing a global media and events platform across which stakeholders can share knowledge, technologies and expertise, and identify innovative solutions to the challenges presented by climate change and a growing population.
  • Decarb Connect supports those driving decarbonization in the most energy-intensive sectors, such as the cement, mining, and steel industries, brokering access to hard-to-reach information, and facilitating network relationships across the industry.
  • Smart Surfaces Coalition is an organization committed to the rapid and cost-effective global adoption of smart surfaces, improving city livability, health, and equity. The Coalition shares analytical tools, training, data, research, and support on influencing city policies, aiming to cost-effectively reduce global CO2-equivalent emissions by 10%.

This initiative enables knowledge sharing between WCA and its climate partners, giving the cement industry a voice and platform outside of its traditional silos, as well as fostering new partnerships, collaborations, and ideas between the industry, other hard-to-abate sectors, and the wider climate movement.

As quoted in the official announcement, on May 11, 2021, WCA's CEO Ian Riley:

“It’s more important than ever to prioritise the decarbonisation of our industry. Our Climate Partners bring a wealth of valuable cross-sectoral knowledge and expertise that will benefit our members, and give the wider cement industry a boost in taking real action to mitigate the climate crisis. I’m particularly pleased to count these three impressive organisations as our first Climate Partners and look forward to accelerating environmental and decarbonisation initiatives together, and exploring a range of ongoing initiatives.”

WCA Virtual Open Day

Alex Cameron, founder and CEO of Decarb Connect, and Greg Kats, CEO & Steering Committee Co-chair of Smart Surfaces Coalition will be speaking at WCA’s Virtual Open Day on June 2.

Event speakers include:

  • Chair - Ian Riley, CEO of WCA
  • Keynote Address - Zhiping Song, President, WCA and Former Chairman of CNBM
  • Keynote Speaker - Mahendra Singhi from Dalmia Cement (India)
  • Manon Burbidge, Communications and Policy Coordinator of WCA
  • Alex Cameron, Founder and CEO Decarb Connect
  • Brent Constantz, CEO of Blue Planet System Corporation (USA)
  • Gregory Kats, Founder of Smart Surface Coalition
  • Jiammei Ma, Cement Pyro Systems Engineer for the Sinoma Tianjin Research Institute in China
  • Paul Majsztrik, Director of Applied Research of Solidia Technologies (USA)
  • Jo Michael, Membership Engagement and Communications Coordinator of WCA
  • Delon Perumal, Head of Operations at PPC International (South Africa)
  • Anil Raman, Health and Safety Director of YTL Cement (Malaysia)
  • Ahmed Safraoui, Corporate Process Manager at CIMAT (Morocco)
  • Rosy Wang, Senior Coordinator of WCA
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