CFA Members Elect New Members of the Board

New faces bring new course of energy

MT. VERNON, IA -- The Concrete Foundations Association (CFA) -- a North American association dedicated to improving the quality and acceptance of cast-in-place concrete foundations -- has announced the newest terms for its Board of Directors.

This past August, the membership of the Concrete Foundations Association assembled at Wintergreen Resort in Wintergreen, Virginia for the CFA Annual Convention. During that event, the following individuals were elected for three-year terms to the Board of Directors both returning experience and bringing new energy. Those elected to serve another term included Tom Brown of TJ Construction in Ely, Iowa and Van Smith of Smith Brothers Concrete in Alden, New York. Joining the Board for their first terms following this election were Mary Wilson of Michel Concrete Construction in Springfield, Illinois, Mike Reed of Reed Concrete Work in Ephrata, Pennsylvania and James Dean of Beran Concrete, Inc. in Wichita, Kansas.

A complete list of the CFA Board of Directors can be found online at in the About the CFA section. Below is more information profiling this year's new members to the Board.

Mary Wilson, Michel Concrete Construction - Springfield, Illinois

Michel Concrete Construction is a diverse concrete company from the heartland of America owned by company president and CEO, Mary Wilson. Their markets include residential, agricultural and commercial work with a distribution of 50% commercial, 25% residential and 25% agricultural. Extensive equipment ownership, field crew expertise and relationships with customers in all three markets allow it to keep those numbers fluid year to year.

Michel Concrete provides a complete foundation package with no exceptions. Their product includes a turnkey solution of concrete foundations, flatwork, demo and excavation, stone placement, backfill and waterproofing to give the customer the best solution for performance.

When asked about her goals for her time on the CFA Board of Directors, Mary stated: "It is important for me to find ways of helping our industry identify the critical pressures that we face and finding solutions that can be delivered from a source much greater than our own. This is where the CFA has to be identified as the leader and be viewed as leading companies. Whether it is fall protection, insurance, insulation performance or any number of areas of influence, it is among my goals to apply whatever knowledge and passion I have to deliver answers that in turn also strengthen me as a business owner and my company as a leader in our markets."

Mike Reed, Reed Concrete Work - Ephrata, Pennsylvania

Mike Reed started working in the concrete foundation industry during summer breaks from 1983 to 1989. Following his graduation from Millersville University in 1989 with a B.S. degree in Business Administration, he entered the industry full time.

Reed Concrete Work, LLC was started in 1999 and currently stands with 20 employees providing a variety of products and support services for both residential and commercial concrete work. Their team includes; Footing/Wall Workers (12), Heavy Equipment Operators (3), Flatwork Finishers (3), Office Administrator (1) and Truck Driver/Yard Worker (1).

Reed Concrete is currently operating with annual sales around $3 million with about 200 units produced in a price range from $5,000 to $100,000. They have defined and maintained a service radius of about 70 miles from Lancaster, PA.

When asked about his purpose and goals for service on the CFA Board, Mike states: "I would like to contribute to the CFA board my practical knowledge of the concrete industry and in depth field experience. One of my goals is to increase the number of certified technicians we have in the industry. If possible, in some capacity I would like to help educate/train individuals to become certified. Other than that I would just like to participate with the group of outstanding individuals already on the board to address an resolve the issues facing our industry".

James Dean, Beran Concrete - Wichita, Kansas

James Dean is the longtime wall foreman for Beran Concrete from Wichita, Kansas and works closely with Brock Beran (President), James MCnaul (VP Estimator and General Manager) and Chris Roberts (Estimator and Project Manager). He has participated in CFA events both during the World of Concrete and Summer Conventions.

Beran Concrete began in Wichita, Kansas as a four man team. Nearly 30 years later it has become one of the fastest growing turnkey concrete construction companies in the state. With over 100 full time employees, Beran concrete has gone from local small jobs to include commercial and residential work in a wide geographic area. We are proud to announce the Launch of our second Office in Kansas City the joining of ICF Solutions, and Beran Excavating to the Beran Concrete team.

As a company, Beran Concrete prides themselves with the quality and dedication of getting the job done right and they are devoted to leading edge concrete construction. Customer Service is and always will be their top priority.

Beran concrete also takes pride in their commitment to utilize cutting edge technology and equipment. They believe that project quality is greatly improved when quality equipment is used in conjunction with well-trained personnel and top quality materials.

Brock and Ken Beran had this to say when asked about their corporate goal in accepting the nomination and election to service on the CFA Board: "Our goal while serving on the board of directors for the CFA is to establish relationships that can further our growth in an industry that is building for tomorrow. We also hope that sharing our experiences with other members will aid in their growth and help the CFA to grow and prosper".