iCrete Link Now an Information Platform For Global Concrete Industry

New solutions from iCrete offer producers unprecedented improvements in productivity, quality, performance and sustainability

LOS ANGELES, CA -- To help a more global and consolidated concrete industry address some of the world's great challenges, iCrete has leveraged a key component of its mix-design optimization service, the iCrete Link, to create a 21st century platform for generating, visualizing and utilizing actionable information.

In just half a decade, the industry has witnessed massive consolidation and integration, explosive emerging market growth combined with a steep global recession, and increasing demands for more sustainable and higher performing products. To cope, concrete producers are moving away from business practices that rely on informed intuition and toward smarter decision making processes that are more data driven and fact based.

iCrete now offers the data-driven decision making and integration software producers need to make this transition. With iCrete, producers get the actionable information required to become more productive and sustainable as well as deliver higher value products with greater quality.

In bringing its mix-design optimization successfully to market on projects such as One World Trade Center, iCrete recognized a changing concrete industry that could benefit from the application of low-cost general computing resources employed by iCrete to remotely monitor the quality and performance of its own mix designs.

iCrete solutions provide a roadmap for producers to achieve their goals and it begins with bringing concrete plants online.

Plant Communication - With iCrete Link, producers can remotely establish bi-directional communication with their plant assets and without ripping and replacing their legacy execution systems, including batch control, dispatch, quality control, truck tracking and fleet and fuel maintenance, among others.

Cross Plant Visualization - With iCrete's Web Portal, Real-Time Reporting and Analytics software, iCrete is helping concrete producers get a single version of the truth across all their operations, business processes and systems. Producers no longer have to spend countless hours securing raw data files, normalizing data manually and customizing multiple reporting packages to support data-driven decision making processes.

Application Integration - The iCrete API, an application programming interface built to the latest Internet standards, and iCrete's Enterprise Connectors based on the SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII) application, allow nearly any application provider, whether a Web-based application or a more robust enterprise application, to access iCrete's industry standard data models. By doing so, vendors reduce their own implementation costs, increase their performance and deliver concrete producers a greater return on investment.

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