ACI Announces New Structural Concrete, Bridge Publications

The American Concrete Institute introduces four new publications covering structural concrete, polymer overlays and the use of steel bars in structural concrete.

FARMINGTON HILLS, MI - The American Concrete Institute (ACI) announces the availability of four new publications to educate and inform industry professionals on the newest concrete-related information and technology. As always, ACI members receive a special discount (up to 40 percent) on all ACI publications. Publications can be ordered by calling 248-848-3800 or online at

Residential Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary (332-10)
This code covers the design and construction of cast-in-place concrete for one- and two-family dwellings and multiple single-family dwellings (townhouses), and their accessory structures. Among the subjects covered are the design and construction requirements for plain and reinforced concrete footings, foundation walls, and slabs-on-ground, and requirements for concrete, reinforcement, forms, and other related materials.

Publisher:American Concrete Institute
Publication Date: July 2010
Number of pages: 30
Order Code: 33210.PR
Price: $61.50 (ACI members $37.00)

Structural Concrete in Performance-Based Seismic Design of Bridges CD-ROM (SP271CD)
This CD-ROM consists of seven papers that were presented at a session sponsored by ACI Committee 341 at the ACI Fall Convention in St. Louis, Mo., in Nov. 2008. The papers focus on the most recent advancements in performance-based seismic design of reinforced concrete bridges, including analytical and experimental studies, and design and construction practices with relevant information related to reinforced concrete bridges based on performance-based design.

Publisher: American Concrete Institute
Order Code: SP271CD.PR
Price: $62.50 (ACI members $37.00)

Specification for Type MMS Polymer Overlays for Bridge and Parking Garage Decks (548.10-10)
This specification covers materials and procedures for polymer overlays for new construction and for repair and rehabilitation of bridge and parking garage decks. Methyl methacrylate slurry (MMS) polymer overlay incorporates a methyl methacrylate-based primer, binder, and top coat with selected filler and aggregate to produce a flexible, skid-resistant, and water-resistant overlay. This Specification includes requirements for chemical components, aggregates, storage and handling, surface preparation, surface profile, mixing, placement, finishing, quality control, and quality assurance.

Publisher: American Concrete Institute
Publication Date: August 2010
Number of pages: 6
Order Code: 5481010.PR
Price: $34.50 (ACI members $21.00)

Design Guide for the Use of ASTM A1035/A1035M Grade 100 Steel Bars for Structural Concrete (ITG-6R-10)
This guide provides recommendations on design provisions for the use of ASTM A1035/ASTM1035M Grade 100 (690) deformed steel bars for reinforced concrete members. The recommendations address only those requirements of ACI 318-08 that limit efficient use of such steel bars. Other code requirements are not affected. This guide includes a discussion of the material characteristics of Grade 100 (690) ASTM A1035/A1035M deformed steel bars and recommends design criteria for beams, columns, slab systems, walls, and footings for Seismic Design Category (SDC) A, B, or C, and also for structural components not designated as part of the seismic-force-resisting system for SDC D, E, or F.

Publisher: American Concrete Institute
Publication Date: August 2010
Number of pages: 90
Order Code: ITG610.PR
Price: $95.50 (ACI members $58.00)

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