NRMCA Moves Driver Training Program Online

The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association's online training program maintains high standards and allows greater flexibility.

SILVER SPRING, MD - The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association has adapted its premier mixer driver training curriculum, the Concrete Delivery Professional (CDP) Certification Program, to an individualized, self-paced online learning tool. Originally developed with input from ready mixed concrete producers of all sizes throughout North America, CDP previously required companies to hold formal training sessions for groups of drivers. Now CDP Online allows companies to train individual drivers without direct interaction with a trainer.

Learning units run approximately 20 minutes with a stop/start action, so the program is available whenever drivers have time and Internet access. Drivers also take the certification exam online, so the need for proctors has been eliminated. While updated, the material still focuses on instructing drivers in their core competencies as well as relaying why specific actions are important and what the ramifications of compliance/non-compliance are to themselves, their company and their customers.

"Because every minute impacts producers' bottom lines, our industry needs drivers to be at the top of their game," said NRMCA President Robert Garbini. "CDP Online allows companies to use drivers' downtime between loads and on bad weather days productively and efficiently. The material is quick-paced, visual and delivered in small increments with a voiceover and subtitles to assure that NRMCA supports all drivers, including those with reading and hearing disabilities."

NRMCA's Operations Environmental and Safety Committee selected the CDP Online curriculum as material all competitors in the National Mixer Driver Championship must master; now with CDP Online the same premier material is accessible to every driver in the industry. Click here