NRMCA Expands Technology in Practice Educational Series

Two new topics include Density of Structural Lightweight Concrete and Mixing Water Quality for Concrete


The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) has added two more titles to its Technology in Practice (TIP) series, the series of educational topics for ready mixed concrete industry technical personnel that are each written in the “What, Why and How?” format.

The first addition, TIP 9 – Density of Structural Lightweight Concrete – discusses the relationship between oven-dry density, equilibrium density and fresh-bulk density of lightweight concrete. The density of lightweight concrete is critical when used for design load on structural members, fire rating of building assemblies and overall mass of a structure in seismic conditions. The TIP discusses procedures used in ASTM C567 to calculate or measure the density of lightweight concrete in different moisture conditions and to develop information required in project submittals.

The second addition to the series, TIP 10 – Mixing Water Quality for Concrete – addresses the process of qualifying non-potable sources of water, such as well water or mixer wash water, for use as mixing water in concrete. It discusses the details of ASTM C1602, Specification for Mixing Water, and the testing requirements to qualify non-potable sources of water for use in concrete.

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