IGGA Announces 2013 Award Winners

Annual awards honor individuals, companies and organizations for lasting contributions made to the grooving, grinding and concrete pavement preservation/restoration industry

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The International Grooving & Grinding Association (IGGA) – a non-profit organization dedicated to serving as the leading promotional and technical resource for acceptance of diamond grinding and grooving as well as pavement preservation and restoration – has announced the winners of its annual awards program.

Presented at its annual awards banquet, held in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico on December 2, the purpose of the program is to honor individuals and companies/organizations for lasting contributions made to the grooving, grinding and concrete pavement preservation/restoration industry.

The 2013 Concrete Pavement Restoration (CPR) Promoter of the Year Award was presented to Randell Riley and Jimie Wheeler of the Illinois Chapter of the American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA). The award recognizes an individual or company for exemplary efforts towards promoting diamond grooving, grinding and CPR.

The Illinois Chapter of the ACPA was recognized with the award for its extensive efforts to further the use of CPR methods such as dowel bar retrofit, diamond grinding and joint resealing to improve the performance and extend the life of the heavily traveled concrete pavements in Illinois.

According to Randell Riley, P.E., executive director, Illinois Chapter of the ACPA, their involvement with IGGA members provides an ongoing partnership and resource to help solve customer problems.

“In the past year, we have worked with the IGGA on several occasions to further our CPR efforts with the Cook County Highway Department and the Lake County Highway Department in the northern part of the state. In addition, we have worked on two successful DBR projects. These projects were successful due in large part to the excellent work of contractors such as IGGA and Illinois ACPA member, Quality Saw & Seal,” said Riley. 

The Operator of the Year (Iron Man) Award was presented to Maynard Michels, concrete grinder operator for Diamond Surface, Inc. (DSI) of Rogers, Minn. The purpose of this award is to recognize the men and women who work in the field for their leadership with special emphasis on his/her dedication to quality and getting the job done right.

Michels has worked in the industry since the 1980s, where he started as a water truck and slurry hauler. He soon became a grinder operator and joined DSI in 1989, where he was the second employee to be hired by the firm and their first grinder operator. In his role with DSI, he has held the foreman position for mainline grinding crews, where he is responsible for specialty grinding of bridge decks, and other high profile projects that require a greater degree of skill to complete. He also helps with the training of journeymen operators.

According to Terry Kraemer, president at DSI, the passion and dedication that Michels possesses makes him the perfect candidate for this award. “Maynard can do anything that is humanly possible with a grinding machine. When he bump grinds for any of DSI’s current or new paving contractors, the client usually requests him for repeat work,” said Kraemer. “He has an undeniable love for the industry and, even at the age of 70, doesn’t show any signs of stopping. We have many customers that will only allow Maynard on their projects.”

This year, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), Fort Worth District, has been selected to receive the Government Official of the Year Award for their innovative use of diamond grinding on Interstate 35. The use of diamond grinding on this heavily traveled highway helped extend the pavement life and improve the overall driving experience. The Government Official of the Year Award recognizes leadership in transportation engineering and innovation with special emphasis on grooving, grinding and CPR.