Website Improvements Keep CSDA on the Cutting Edge

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The Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association (CSDA) announces the launch of a new version of its website — — filled with exciting features for members and industry specifiers.

The updated site offers enhanced discussion forums, individual login accounts for member employees and the option to form social or professional networking groups. Specifiers of concrete cutting, polishing and imaging also have new resources, designed to educate them about the techniques employed by CSDA members, while the CSDA staff now has advanced tools and capabilities to further assist the membership.

CSDA’s online discussion forums have been one of the most popular features on the website, and now participants have the opportunity to format their posts and attach extra content. Whether an industry professional wants to sell used equipment or discuss details of a current job, they now have the means to post photos or upload video footage of the work.

It has long been the association’s goal to give operators and other employees from CSDA member companies the opportunity to access members-only content on its website, in addition to the official member representative and/or business owner. Now, all company employees can obtain login credentials and access this information.

Social media websites have become the preferred method of communication for many people around the world. In addition to CSDA’s Facebook page, the association can now offer a form of social media through its website. Those with login credentials have the chance to build their own profiles, interact with other operators/employees and hold conversations through specified groups.

“Since the first CSDA website was launched in 2002, there have been periodic changes to the look of the site and an occasional new feature added. This latest update, however, represents a major change in how the website operates — for members and staff,” explains Patrick O’Brien, executive director of CSDA. “With each passing year, online communities are growing. CSDA wants to provide the latest web-based tools and features so that concrete cutting, polishing and imaging professionals have a valuable online resource and a platform that encourages communication between them.”

For more information about CSDA’s website upgrade, visit or call (727) 577-5004.