NRMCA Delivers First Ever State Of The Industry At Annual Convention In Houston

The NRMCA encourages communities to put concrete first in call to action.


The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) delivered its first ever state of the concrete industry today in Houston, Texas, during the opening general session of its annual convention. The event focused on the gains the concrete industry has made over the last two years since launching Build with Strength and more recently Pave Ahead.

“The state of the concrete industry is strong, thriving and in a position to make substantial progress this year and in the years to come,” says NRMCA President Robert Garbini. “Because of the investments you have made, now, more than ever, we – the concrete industry – are changing the way communities are built.” 

NRMCA outlined their strategic vision for 2018 and beyond, and showcased the evolution of concrete and highlighted the ongoing need to encourage local leaders to embrace concrete as a solution for safe, resilient and cost-effective communities.

Garbini continues, “Not only do people think differently about concrete, but we have demonstrated that our unique product is the solution to many of the problems our nation faces, from catastrophic natural disasters to fires.”

Among the key highlights, NRMCA touched upon the success of its Design Assistance Center and its progress of helping to educate developers all across the country to build with concrete. They also highlighted its efforts to work with lawmakers across the country to enact safer and sustainable building standards.

“In fact, it’s the wisest choice a developer can make and a lawmaker can encourage,” says Gregg Lewis, Executive Vice President, Strategy. “There is nothing wrong with saying that loudly and proudly in every market across the country. “ 

John Loyer, Vice President of State and Local Government Affairs continues, “In these markets, we are executing political strategies and leveraging our coalition to tell lawmakers and developers why it is important to Build with Strength.”

Among the 2018 priorities, NRMCA spoke to their focus on securing passage of local ordinances that enact safer building standards, a continued effort on educating developers in local communities across the country and growing their industry outreach under Build with Strength and Pave Ahead.

Concluding the presentation, Garbini notes, “We are the concrete industry, and yes, we want to sell more concrete. That is a no-brainer. But it just so happens we have a superior product that will make our communities safe, resilient and strong.”

To access a recording of the presentation, click here.