CTL|Thompson Now Offers ISO 9001 Auditing

Fort Collins IAS Lab technical manager certified through IRCA.

Colorado-based engineering firm CTL|Thompson now offers certified auditing for companies seeking or maintaining ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 9001 Certification.

CTL|Thompson Lab Director, Moncef Souissi is now a certified auditor for ISO 9001 through the International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA). Based in CTL’s Fort Collins branch, Souissi is also a qualified auditor under the International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) criteria. He oversees CTL’s International Accreditation Services (IAS) lab, the only facility in the world accredited to test helical pile foundation elements. He also helped write the standards, as a member of the International Code Council (ICC) committee that developed AC358 Acceptance Criteria for Helical Foundations and Devices.

“Together, the combination of ICC-ES and ISO certification is attractive to our clients that manufacture helical piles,” says Wayne Thompson, CTL Fort Collins Branch Manager. “Many manufacturers that require ICC-ES certification also use ISO 9001 quality management systems. We can now audit to meet both certifications, providing added value to our clients.”

Souissi is a civil engineer currently working on his doctorate at Colorado State University (CSU), with expertise in the design of concrete, reinforced concrete members and various foundations. He serves on the technical advisory team for Helical Pile World and has made outstanding contributions to the Civil Engineering Department at CSU. He has worked with CTL for more than 10 years.

ISO 9001 is a global benchmark for quality management, which sets out requirements for the design, implementation, operation, monitoring and improvement of a quality management system. To become an ISO 9001 auditor, Souissi underwent an evaluation process that included quality management system development and a management system documentation review, audit and initial assessment.

“CTL is known for employing and encouraging specialists who deliver solutions for our clients and maintain a commitment to advancing the industry,” says Thompson. “Moncef has taken the next step in assuring quality products for the industry and assisting our clients to meet the highest standards.”