Build With Strength Welcomes The Soldiers Project to the Coalition

Champion of Veterans’ Support joins effort to educate on stronger building methods.


Build With Strength, a coalition of the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association consisting of civic organizations, fire service professionals, architects, engineers and industry experts committed to enacting safer and more sustainable building standards, is pleased to welcome The Soldiers Project as the newest member of the coalition. The California nonprofit, which provides psychological services for military service members and educates the public about the subject, joins a growing alliance in Los Angeles working to improve building and fire safety standards and push for safe housing in the community.

“America’s bravest men and women risked their lives to protect all of us, and many return home carrying the psychological burden of war,” says Michael McDowell, Executive Director of The Soldiers Project. “At the simplest level, our veterans deserve safe and strong housing upon their return. The Soldiers Project is proud to partner with Build with Strength to fight for resilient and affordable housing for veterans everywhere.”

Amid a national wave of devastating residential fires, including several in California, Build With Strength is working to ensure the safety of new buildings, especially those housing vulnerable communities. The coalition fights for stronger building codes that support the use of non-combustible materials to minimize the risk of fire.

“Our partnership with The Soldiers Project is a testament to the support every veteran in America deserves. Many of our brave heroes return home needing safe and affordable housing, and by advocating for stronger building codes, we are fighting for our veterans and their ability to recover in a safe, reliable home,” says Kevin Lawlor, a spokesperson for Build With Strength. “Nationwide, we have seen a weakening of building codes, and Build with Strength is committed to advocating for the safety of neighborhoods our veterans call home.”

Build With Strength works with communities, lawmakers, and industry employees to advocate for safer, sustainable building materials. Strengthening local and national building codes is among the organization’s top priorities.

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