Kryton’s Enhanced Smart Concrete Solutions Simplify and Accelerate Construction

Vancouver, B.C. based Kryton International Inc. launched an improved concrete waterproofing solution at World of Concrete 2019

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Vancouver, B.C. based Kryton International Inc. launched an improved concrete waterproofing solution at The World of Concrete Convention in Las Vegas.

Enhancements to Kryton’s effective surface-applied concrete waterproofing product, Krystol T1are being rolled out to the market with two major improvements: one—it can now be applied in a single coat, which provides complete waterproofing protection; two—it is now available in two colors, the original gray and the newly introduced white. Krystol T1 White gives a more consistent and aesthetic finish to concrete and eliminates the need and cost of having to add a coat of paint over the surface.

This is not the first time Kryton has responded with innovative solutions to emerging challenges in concrete construction. Five years ago, Kryton revised the Leak Repair System to a simple 3-step process that requires no excavation of concrete. Last year, they announced Hard-Cem, a game-changing concrete hardening solution that accelerates construction by eliminating the extra steps usually taken to harden concrete. Using Hard-Cem, an integral admixture, not only provides superior abrasion and erosion resistance but also protects workers from harmful silica dust and helps hold to the new Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) standard on silica dust.

Krystol T1 has been used in thousands of concrete repair projects where water penetration was so severe that repairs could only be conducted from the negative side of water pressure. For one such project, the Goedehoop Colliery Mine in South Africa, Kryton distributor Sanika Waterproofing Specialists were awarded the 2018 Award of Excellence by the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI).

“Repairing concrete that is already leaking and susceptible to further deterioration is not easy,” says Kevin Yuers, VP of Product Development, “but our proprietary Krystol Technology gives concrete the unique ability to infinitely self-seal cracks even decades after a structure is built, ensuring that waterproofing is permanent and will last for the life of the structure.”

Kryton is proud to nurture a strong culture of research and innovation. “Kryton’s R&D team is programmed to find more effective solutions that simplify construction and amplify productivity,” says Kevin Yuers.

Kryton officially launched Krystol T1 at the World of Concrete Convention in Las Vegas, Booth S12445.