Giatec Expands Smart Concrete Solution into Texas with Redi-Mix

Giatec Scientific has partnered with Redi-Mix, LLC, a business unit of U.S. Concrete, Inc. to use Giatec’s Smart Concrete solution in the North Texas.

Giatec Scientific, a manufacturer of revolutionary concrete testing equipment, announced it has partnered with Redi-Mix, LLC (“Redi-Mix”), a business unit of U.S. Concrete, Inc., a supplier of concrete and aggregates for large-scale commercial, residential and infrastructure projects to use Giatec’s Smart Concrete solution in the North Texas market. U.S. Concrete has already successfully implemented the Smart Concrete solution in the San Francisco Bay market.

Smart Concrete is a value-added solution for ready-mixed concrete producers which leverages Giatec’s leading wireless concrete sensor for monitoring temperature and strength. The maturity method for determining strength of concrete without breaking concrete cylinders is becoming increasingly popular across North America but requires a prior calibration of the mix. Smart Concrete is the only solution available that allows for the customers of ready-mix producers to select their desired mix calibrations through the Smart Concrete app and share critical, real-time data with all project stakeholders. Smart™ Concrete now serves dozens of markets across North America.

“The demand for our Smart™ Concrete solution is growing as contractors are looking for the simplest way to get this critical data,” says Sarah McGuire, Director of Sales for Giatec. “We are honored to have a premier company like Redi-Mix champion and succeed with our technology.”

Using the Smart Concrete solution, ready-mixed concrete producers and their clients have reduced reliance on cylinder break tests, have helped clients save days, even weeks off project schedules and have increased the profitability of their pours by up to 20%.

“Redi-Mix is always at the forefront of concrete technology,” says Victor H. Villarreal, Vice President of Sales for Redi-Mix. “Leveraging Giatec’s revolutionary testing equipment will help our clients save time and money, making it easier for contractors to get the job done.”