PTI Launches Training Program for Repair, Rehabilitation and Strengthening of Existing Structures

The two-day program is designed to cover new and historical post-tensioning systems and an overview of evaluation details, repair techniques, troubleshooting and safety considerations.

A demonstration of maintenance, repair, rehabilitation, and strengthening of a structure.
A demonstration of maintenance, repair, rehabilitation, and strengthening of a structure.
Post-Tensioning Institute
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The Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI) announced the launch of its newest Field Personnel Certification Program, Level 1 & 2 Unbonded PT Repair, Rehabilitation and Strengthening. The announcement was made during a press conference at the World of Concrete event in Las Vegas. 

The two-day program was developed to fill the increasing need for formal training of field personnel in the maintenance, repair, rehabilitation and strengthening of existing, older structures. Traditionally, most certification training focuses on new construction.

“As structures age, there is a greater need for skilled field personnel to have the expertise and the ability to determine the causes of any deterioration taking place, to evaluate and perform any necessary testing of the structure, to analyze and consider the options for repair, and finally to execute the agreed-upon solution,” said Miroslav Vejvoda, Managing Director of Engineering and Professional Development of the Post-Tensioning Institute. “PTI saw the need for this kind of specialized training, and over the last several years we have worked to establish and fine-tune a well-rounded training program that will result in Certified Field Personnel in which structure owners can be confident will get the job done correctly and safely.”

The program is designed to cover a number of topics, including a review of basic post-tensioning installation, a discussion on new and historical post-tensioning systems, and an overview of evaluation details, repair techniques, troubleshooting, and safety considerations. The course also presents a number of case studies that illustrate multiple types of structures with a variety of deterioration types, along with information on the methods used to restore said structures. Going hand-in-hand with the presentation of the case studies is a meaningful class discussion on the causes of the deterioration, the assessment of the available mitigation options, and the techniques used to restore the structures to a desirable service condition.

Prerequisites for the Level 1 & 2 Unbonded PT Repair, Rehabilitation, and Strengthening Certification Workshop include a valid Level 1 or 2 Unbonded PT Certification by the participant. To become certified, the attendee must pass a certification exam, and minimum work experience is required to achieve the Level 2 Certification. 

Currently, PTI’s new Workshop is scheduled in seven different cities around the U.S. throughout 2020, including Miami and Dallas, which are hosting PTI’s first round of “PTI Certification Weeks,” during which all six of PTI’s nationally-recognized Field Personnel Certification Workshops will be held. The Repair, Rehabilitation, and Strengthening Workshop are $595 for PTI Members and their employees and $680 for non-members.