ACI University's 2021 Live Webinars

The American Concrete Institute's 2021 Webinar lineup includes legal issues, designing polymer concrete, to seismic design. Access is free to all ACI members starting Jan. 1.

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The American Concrete Institute’s announced its live webinar lineup for 2021. These webinars are presented by ACI University and offer a wide variety of high-demand concrete related topics delivered by some of the brightest minds in the field of concrete materials, design, and construction.

  • January 12: Legal Considerations for Your Project Files – Bill Rushing and Jeff Coleman
    This webinar will cover topics to consider for documentation of engineering services, and how to minimize your risk and exposure to litigation.
  • February 2: Strategies for Effective Quality Control – Khaled Awad
    The webinar will discuss the latest techniques in Quality Control applied to large scale projects with case studies.
  • March 2: An Overview of Salt-Scaling Damage – Peter Taylor and Kamran Amini
    This webinar will help to better understand the salt-scaling phenomenon and provide insights into the effect of workmanship, mixture parameters, and concrete hardened properties on salt-scaling resistance of concrete.
  • April 6: Using and Designing Polymer Concrete – Mahmoud Reda Taha
    This webinar will cover the basic knowledge of polymer concrete, providing a guide to practicing engineers and contractors on the different types of polymer concrete, polymers used to produce polymer concrete, and more.
  • May 4: Low-Heat-Performance Concrete – Matthew D’Ambrosia
    This webinar will discuss identifying modifications to concrete mixtures to achieve low-heat-performance concrete and explain for performance requirements for LHPC are determined.
  • June 1: Fiber-Reinforced Concrete and Ultra-High-Performance Concrete: A Holistic Approach – Liberato Ferrara
    This webinar will provide the fundamentals of the mechanical behavior of fiber-reinforced concrete and cementitious composites.
  • July 13: Changes to the Seismic Design Provisions of ACI 318-19 – Andy Taylor
    This webinar will provide an overview of the changes to the seismic design provisions in ACI 318-19, as well as background on why the changes were adopted.
  • October 5: Emerging Innovations in Materials for Concrete Construction – David Lange
    This webinar will identify the role of fundamental research to create novel materials with impressive performance, describe the funding mechanisms that are essential to innovation, and more.

All ACI University webinars are presented live and include the opportunity for participants to learn and ask questions in real time, while also earning CEU/PDH credits.  All ACI members will have free access to ACI webinars and on-demand courses starting January 1, 2021, and registration for non-members is available for single attendees and in 10-pack bundles.  Additionally, all webinars and ACI’s 260+ on-demand courses can also be accessed through the convenient ACI University All-Access digital subscription.

Additional webinars will continue to be added throughout 2021. To view a full list of webinars or to register, visit