TEI TE30851 Water Misting System

Inject water mist for four to eight hours into rock-drilling air to reduce dust by up to 98%

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Tei 10950446

TEI Rock Drills privides a misting system that injects water into drilling air to reduce dust by up to 98%. The 25-gal. tank on the TE30851 Misting System can suppress dust for four to eight hours, depending on hole size. The pneumatic water pump receives air power from the drill flush air. The water pump generates more pressure than the air and injects water back into the air line to create a mist that is easily adjusted to suit conditions.

  • 3/4-in. air supply connections
  • 125 psi max air supply
  • 900 psi max air outlet
  • Wet weight: 340 lb.
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