PROSOCO Introduces Peelable Masonry Cleaner

A new, non-traditional cleaner from PROSOCO removes stains from a variety of masonry substrates in a rinseless, peelable formula.

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Enviro Klean DriKlean is a gentle but powerful rinseless cleaning solution designed for interior spaces where traditional liquid cleaners can’t go. In an easy-to-apply formula via spray, roller or brush, DriKlean safely removes dust, soot, oils and other surface soiling from limestone, sandstone, marble, travertine, plaster, terra cotta, concrete, mortar or brick. The cleaner and soiling easily peels off after drying.

  • DriKlean is also free of natural rubber latex, eliminating allergy concerns for users.
  • The new product is a perfect solution for interior restoration applications where rinsing isn’t practical.
  • DriKlean is also low-toxicity and low-odor. 

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