Transhield Introduces TopCure Concrete Curing Cover

Top Cure Roll
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Transhield, long known for their advanced protective cover technology, introduces TopCure – a high-quality, state-of-the-art concrete curing cover that provides a controlled environment for slab-on-grade curing.

  • The grit surface provides an anti-skid surface to keep workers from accidental slips and falls – lowering the risk of injury at the worksite.
  • Transhield’s proprietary reflective white coating (as used in our base materials) reflects sunlight which helps control the temperature under the cover
  • Hydrating pods allow faster water absorption in the nonwoven material and concrete surface area
  • Our advanced method of manufacturing our film creates higher strength and better physical properties compared to equal weight film
  • TopCure concrete covers are strong, won’t tear, and can stand up to busy worksites.
  • The TopCure concrete curing cover can even be used after curing to protect the floor during any construction phase.
  • For premium applications, TopCure covers include a pH modifier that creates a concrete curing climate second to none.
  • Seven-day curing cover
  • Meets ASTM C171
  • Water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) of 5 gm per square meter or less per day
  • No super-absorbents used
  • No sticky residue or gels left behind
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