PROSOCO First Cut with Densifier

New product makes power-trowel polishing applications faster and more efficient.

First Cut With Densifier 5 Gal
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First Cut with Densifier, a new product from PROSOCO, cuts significant time out of the grinding and polishing process by combining two steps into one for wet-grind applications. The new product makes the grinding and polishing process more efficient by moving the slurry solids away from the diamond tooling, while also densifying the concrete. This allows contractors to grind and densify floors at the same time, eliminating the need to wait for a floor to be clean and dry before densifying. As a result, contractors can cut up to 40% of time out of the entire process.

  • First Cut with Densifier can be used with traditional walk-behind grinders or power-trowel machines.
  • Ready to use with no dilution needed, and works on new or existing concrete.
  • Easy to apply with a low-pressure sprayer.
  • VOC-compliant, non-flammable and non-toxic.
  • Available in five-gallon containers.

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