Montabert Hydraulic Drifter

Montabert provides better bit penetration hydraulic drifters

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Montabert produced an improved drifter with battery and cost efficiency.
  • Easily adaptable with most OEMs
  • Improved penetration rates (up to 10%)
  • Lower consumable costs (as much as 35%)
  • Reduced operating costs (as much as 57%)
  • Lower noise levels 
  • Energy Recovery Valve Allows piston rebound energy to be utilized for next blow
  • Provides better efficiency
  • No internal peak of pressure source of cavitation
  • Provides protection for drifter
  • Progressive Blow Energy Unique design of piston generates a long trapezoidal-shaped shock wave
  • Provides more energy transmission to the bits
  • Minimum stress into the drilling string
  • Better bit penetration
  • Maximum Output (kW) 4.5-34
  • Input (kW) 9-63
  • Maximum Torque newton metres 143-2,550
  • Hydraulic Dampening System
  • Dampening the piston absorbs the lost part of reflective energy
  • Ensures a constant thrust onto the tool
  • Optimum shock wave transmission
  • Protection of the drifter and tool
  • Reduced vibrations
  • Hydraulic Reserve Percussion Ensures a real back hammering
  • Tool extraction in fractured ground
  • No rods left in the hole 
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