[APP] Provide Visiblity Into Complex Construction Projects with Wrike

Wrike is a project management and collaboration mobile app designed to provide transparency for all project stakeholders and help contractors manage all areas of a project

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Mobile app: Wrike
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Available on:
Apple and Android devices

The Wrike cloud-based app is a project management and collaboration tool. Wrike is designed to take complex construction projects and provide visibility for everyone involved. The app features an intuitive user interface which allows construction professionals to move easily between projects and tasks, according to Wrike Vice President of Product, Alexey Korotich. Real-time access to projects, folders and tasks means contractors are always working with the most up-to-date information.

"The flexibility provided by cloud-based technology cuts the cost of installing and maintaining expensive IT equipment, keeping construction professionals focused on completing projects on time and on budget," Korotich says.

Contractors can assign and schedule work, add tasks with custom statuses and workflows to projects or folders, attach images and files to tasks, receive or submit requests through customized forms, and view custom reports all through the Wrike app. Note, request forms and reports are available for Business, Enterprise and Wrike for Marketer plans.

In addition, the automated timer tracks time spent on tasks. The in-built time tracker features categories division for every task and lets workers track their time onsite from any device. Contractors then review the hour totals at the end of the month. The time tracker is available for users with Wrike’s Professional, Business, Enterprise and Wrike for Marketer plans.

Unique to the Wrike app is the Workload view. Create a task, put in a due date and estimate the duration of how much time the task takes. Wrike will then give you the percentage of how much of that person’s day is being used up on that particular task.

With Wrike, you can review and respond to @mentions, inbox items and requests while you’re on the go. Real-time communication is facilitated through the commenting feature.

Wrike is available in five pricing plans. The free version is available for up to five users. Paid versions start with the Professional plan at $9.80 per user per month for up to 15 users. The Business plan, which runs $24.80 per user per month is available for up to 200 users. The Enterprise plan is designed for an unlimited amount of users with custom pricing.

App features:

  • Create a project from scratch or use a pre-set template
  • Add tasks with custom workflows to reflect stages of your build
  • Link tasks with the job for a real-time Gantt chart with all the steps
  • Organize different stages of complex builds into folders
  • Real-time feed of updates on all project activity with instant status reports
  • Offline access