[APP] JobNimbus App Created to Help Contractors Manage Customers and Projects

JobNimbus helps construction contractors manage everything from sales to estimating to scheduling to work orders and more on their mobile devices

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Mobile app: JobNimbus
Available on: Apple and Android devices

JobNimbus is construction Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and project management software for everything from sales to estimating to scheduling to work orders and more. It was designed with contractors and simplicity in mind.

Boards within the app let you see where your sales and jobs are, how many days a job has been “stuck”, who’s assigned to a job and what’s left to do to move the job forward.

One key feature of JobNimbus is assigning work orders. The app allows contractors to create work orders directly from the estimates and schedule them for team members or subcontractors.

Automation features in JobNimbus help create and assign tasks and send notifications for you. You can also automate to create contacts from new leads or automate emails to go out at key stages of the process.

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The calendar lets contractors see everyone’s open tasks across the entire organization, giving you permissions to handle who sees what. JobNimbus features two-way sync with Google Calendar making it easier to see JobNimbus tasks wherever you are.

Job folders help contractors keep track of all project information including sales and job history, day-to-day operations and more. The app also helps contractors manage their files. Store documents and photos on a per-job basis or add them to an organization-wide document database. You can view all documents associated with a job together in an easy-to-use interface or share documents with customers and partners.

Need even more organization? The maps option will open the locations of contacts or a job on a map. In the mobile app, if you tap on addresses they will open in your favorite maps app to get directions where you need to go.

App features:

  • Track leads and production
  • Capture photos in the field with rapid fire photo capture
  • Add scanned documents, PDF contracts and other attachments to your jobs
  • Record notes
  • Collaborate with your team
  • New calendar with day, week, month and agenda views
  • Send text messages and have them recorded as notes
  • Track status of sales and production with custom workflows
  • Create, edit and email estimates
  • Accept payments directly within the app
  • Offline mode saves work and syncs when you reconnect
  • Integrates with QuickBooks, Zapier, WePay, SalesRabbit, CompanyCam, naturalForms, Google Calendar, HailTrace and more