[APP] Track Construction Assets from Any Mobile Device with EZofficeInventory

Track equipment, tools, inventory or assets and plan maintenance with this web-based tracking app

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Mobile app: EZOfficeInventory
EZ Web Enterprises
Plans start at $95 per month
Available on:
Apple, Android and Windows devices

EZOfficeInventory is an asset tracking software and mobile app. It can be used to track any equipment, tool, inventory or asset. Because EZOfficeInventory is a web-based tracking software, users can access asset information from any device, any where anytime.

EzofficeinventoryThe equipment management feature allows users to check assets in and out. Each scan of an asset label revels details including geo-location, IP address and other useful information. A Reservations module makes it easy to plan ahead and ensure conflict-free bookings.

The maintenance module allows contractors to plan maintenance activities in advance, create service tickets, set maintenance to repeat at regular intervals and more. Contractors can even prioritize maintenance tasks and flag assets up for maintenance right when they are checked back in. Plus, users can send out alerts to relevant parties on service initiation, completion, extension or comments.

EZOfficeInventory is available in four plan options starting at $95 per month. Plans vary based on number of users, number of items and features.

App features:

  • Print and scan QRCodes, barcodes and RFID for tracking
  • Schedule maintenance
  • Availability calendar shows which assets are reserved, available, checked out or under maintenance
  • Dashboard calendar to see what item events are taking place
  • Track depreciation and run reports
  • Stock management with lock stock alerts
  • Access control limits visibility of certain items based on item group, location or both
  • Custom reports can be sent to users at regular intervals
  • Export default and custom reports as PDF or CSV files

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