[VIDEO] Hilti Investing in Smart Tools with Hilti Connect Interface

Hilti Connect provides a window into a tool by gathering tool data that contractors can see and act upon immediately.

Rafel Garcia, chief marketing officer at Hilti North America, shares how Hilti is investing in smart tools with a combination of the Hilti Connect app, On!Track and fleet management platforms.

Hilti Connect gathers data from the tools and provides a window into those tools. Contractors can use this data to take immediate action if needed. Data from Hilti Connect can also help contractors better plan preventative maintenance.

Combine the Hilti Connect interface with Hilti's other offerings On!Track and fleet management — and contractors can have a full asset management system.

Hilti is also taking all this technology and incorporating it into its fasteners, creating the first smart fastener. Watch the video to learn more.

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