What Contractors Look for in Software Today

SoftwareAdvice.com recorded conversations with construction software providers at CFMA so they could share insights on how software buying preferences change during a sluggish recovery

SoftwareAdvice.com went to the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) annual conference to speak with attendees about trends in construction software.

We were lucky enough to sit down with executives from six construction software companies, including:

In the first of three videos they produced from those conversations, SoftwareAdvice.com asks, "What's driving companies to purchase new construction software?" 





In the second video from the 2011 CFMA Conference, SoftwareAdvice.com asked which segments in the industry are most active. Is there more activity among the speciality contractors, or general contractors? Why?




In the final video from SoftwareAdvice.com's interviews at CFMA, the software company executives talk about the specific functionality that construction software buyers are interested in today. They emphasized the importance of project management applications, ease-of-use and adaptability, complete mobile functionality, and integrated document and contact management functionality.




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