Be Active Online Using Bookmarks

Bookmark your favorite Web sites to access them without the need to remember the address.

Bookmarks, also known as favorites, direct users to specific Web pages. Built in to most Web browsers, bookmarks allow you to easily organize Web pages you wish to visit without the need to remember the URL or do a "search" for the Web site.

To bookmark a page, the first thing you will need to do is navigate your browser to the Web page you wish to bookmark. For this walk-through, click the link to go to or type the URL into your address bar and press enter.

Once you have arrived at the Web site, select the bookmark option from your Web browser. (Internet Explorer refers to bookmarks as Favorites, other browsers call them Hotlists) and select Bookmark this page... (Or Add to favorites... if using Internet Explorer).

A new window should appear that lets you name the bookmark and select where you would like to save it. The default name for the Web site is " News, Tips and Product Info for Construction Professionals." You can use this name, shorten it, or type in whatever you wish to save the bookmark as. The name is simply used to identify the bookmark. It will not affect where the bookmark directs you.

Next, decide which Web folder you would like to place the bookmark in. This will help keep your bookmarks organized. It is helpful to create different folders for different categories of Web sites and you will avoid having one long list of bookmarks to search through when you want to visit a certain site. Click ok and your bookmark will be saved.

Now, when you want to come back to or any other bookmarked Web site, simply select "Bookmark" (Favorites with Internet Explorer) from the Web browser and click the bookmark of the Web site you'd like to visit.

Bookmarks can be deleted or moved to different folders using the Organize or Manage feature of the bookmarks tool.

Your favorite Web sites are now all located in one place. As you visit more sites you want to visit again after you leave, use the bookmark feature and you'll Be More Active Online.