Herman/Stewart Saves At Least $5,000 Per LEED Project

With no need to hire a LEED AP, the contractor achieves real savings with GreenWizard’s WORKflow Pro Solution.

Herman/Stewart, a Maryland-based general contractor and developer, has achieved substantial cost savings through the use of GreenWizard's WORKflow Pro solution.

By using WORKflow Pro, Herman/Stewart accesses an online tool to search for, specify, assess, and even purchase green products. GreenWizard, however, is more than a product search engine, because it offers a range of tools designed to simplify the LEED process. For instance, project-specific records are automatically maintained for LEED certification, and LEED credits are dynamically calculated for the product specifier and project participants as they evaluate and select products.

"By implementing GreenWizard’s WORKflow Pro, we can see a cost avoidance of around, conservatively, $5,000 in LEED AP consultation fees per project," said Angela Parker, a LEED manager at Herman/Stewart. "We have found that the practical results of using GreenWizard may be better than having a LEED AP consultant on our jobs."

"We also came to depend on GreenWizard's dynamic LEED credit calculator," Parker added. "It gave us a running snapshot of where we stood in optimizing our LEED credits by category."

Moreover, in terms of other overall cost-avoidance, and specifically labor-cost-avoidance, Herman/Stewart is able to use GreenWizard as a central repository for all the LEED documentation.

"Anyone working on a LEED project has to submit a set of documents with the application, and with GreenWizard, we have a highly organized, central repository for those documents," explained Parker. "Before we used GreenWizard, we were emailing PDFs back and forth between the LEED AP, the manufacturers, and myself, which just wasn't an efficient way to manage information."