[QUOTABLE] Mobile Computing On Site Lets Everyone Focus on Making Money

Commercial building contractor’s site supervisors slash document-management time with cloud-based project-management software to make more time to build projects

Chandler Brooks, Project Engineer - Operations Technology, Andres Construction
Chandler Brooks, Project Engineer - Operations Technology, Andres Construction

“All the information we need out in the field comes in the form of an RFI, schedule, submittal or drawing,” Chandler Brooks, project engineer in operations technology at Dallas-based Andres Construction Services told the Procore project-management software user meeting in February. “That information is being synthesized and reviewed by subcontractors, consultants, clients. But how we get that information to them through Procore allows us to focus on our core competence.”

The commercial building contractor has been managing projects with the drawings-based, cloud software since 2010, and field supervision relies heavily on mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones to stay up to speed on communication throughout the construction team.

“The project team has fully mobile specifications, RFI log, submittal log, directory, and drawings at their fingertips,” says Brooks, “So there’s no time lost between answering and approval of an RFI or submittal.

“The biggest importance of mobile (software) tools is that they allow more time to spend focusing on core competencies.  

“And we spend less time on massive document management. All that is taken care of by the software. Documents are filtered through the Documents tab to maintain control, consistency and communication. Real-time updates and tracking keep everyone on the same page so that time is saved and mistakes are minimized.

“We’re constructors; that’s what we want to focus on. That’s key to our business; that’s how we make money," Brooks emphasizes. "We use these tools because they're already laid out for us in a way that we can keep focused on what we do best.”