Smartphone Apps and Your Business

There are so many construction apps available for your smartphone, and many can help you in the office, on the jobsite or in the process of trying to obtain a job

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Technology is everywhere in our daily lives and in the construction industry. While some may be taking full advantage of what new technology can offer, others in the industry put it on the back burner. But if you're not at least exploring your options, you might be missing out on ways to improve your business and maybe even speed up your business processes.

If you own or use a smartphone then you are probably familiar with apps. The amount and variety of apps available is endless, and new ones get created everyday. But apps just aren't games and entertainment related. There are quite a lot of business apps available - and many specific to the construction industry. Do a search on the Internet for top construction apps and you're find lots of articles; some even dating back to 2010 or earlier - an indication that construction industry apps have been around and are useful. I found this article from giving a list of its readers top construction apps.

If you haven't spent some time searching for apps that could help your construction business, take a few minutes to see what you can find. When you're on the go and your phone is your go-to source for information, having a quick app to pull up can be helpful. Search for job costing, estimating, calculators - anything that you might need on a jobsite or on a sales call.

I am not an expert on any construction apps, but I did decide to do a quick search in the Apple and Android app stores. Here is a sample of some of the apps available:

  • Construction Estimator: This app from the Apple store gives the user an "estimating program to help a contractor estimate materials and cost of a project." A handy app can be a lot quicker than working estimations out on paper or waiting for a computer.
  • Construction Full: According to the Apple store, "Full Construction is a complete application, useful for all professionals involved in the construction domain. It allows to check size or many architectural elements such as steel construction or reinforced concrete."
  • Concrete Bid: Use this app to cubic yards or meters of concrete.
  • Handy Construction Calculators: This app gives you access to 39 calculators for all aspects of construction.
  • Construction Glossary: If you're new to the industry or even if you've been in the industry for years, if you run into a term you're unsure of here's an app for you. "Construction Glossary provides you a comprehensive list of more then 700+ Construction and Civil engineering terms with its short description/meaning."
  • Construction Daily Report Log: Do your daily reporting from anywhere with your smartphone.

What construction-related apps do you use on your smartphone? Share your comments below and let us know how well the apps work for you and your construction business.