FleetUp, Navistar Partner on Vehicle Diagnostics and Preventative Maintenance Solution

Fleet telematics innovation enhances intelligent fleet management troubleshooting solution for accurate safety readings and repair support


FleetUp, a provider of ELD/HOS compliance solutions for Intelligent Fleet Management, has partnered with Navistar International Corporation to create a comprehensive vehicle diagnostics and preventative maintenance solution using FleetUp’s FMCSA-compliant electronic logging device (ELD) and fleet management service (FMS) technology.

Integrating with Navistar’s OnCommand Connection program, the first and only open architecture diagnostics system, fleet managers have access to comprehensive information from all vehicles leveraging FleetUp’s telematics technology for real-time data analysis of vehicle performance. This information includes engine diagnostics, fuel consumption per trip, fuel waste management, engine coolant temperature monitoring, and battery level monitoring. Vehicle health reports are then generated every 30 minutes through the OnCommand Connection platform, allowing fleet managers to access over 130 measurable values used for troubleshooting and safety precautions.

“From quickly identifying a faulty part and ordering a replacement all in one smooth process, to offering simplified descriptions of fault codes and suggested links to diagnostic repair videos, our OnCommand Connection program was created for straightforward and effective diagnostics,” said Andrew Dondlinger, vice president of connected services at Navistar. “We’re proud to announce our partnership with FleetUp to provide an easy-to-use, efficient safety and fleet management solution, in addition to helping our customers comply with the FMCSA ELD mandate.”

Compatible with all makes of commercial trucks, OnCommand Connection utilizes customers’ existing hardware to connect trucks of any model or engine brand to a single proprietary portal for simple set-up and easily accessible data online.

Services and features of OnCommand Connection’s real-time diagnostics system include:

  • Live Access: View active fault codes and health reports for specific vehicles from any Internet-connected computing or smart device
  • Health Report: Easily access and organize information in fleet health reports — including vehicle parts performance, fault codes, and weather conditions — all in one central location; plus, system stores data every 30 minutes, up to 500 reports, for up-to-date information
  • Action Plan: Solve problems quickly and confidently with comprehensive fault code descriptions, severity levels, and suggested diagnostic questions for managers to ask the driver to better troubleshoot an issue
  • GPS Mapping: Conveniently locate any nearby dealerships, trucks shops, customer sites, and hotels
  • Alerts: Customize alert systems to each fleet’s unique needs with adjustable frequency and timing; filter alerts by severity and duration
  • Support: Take advantage of various informational documents and features, including online parts catalogs, VIN-specific search tools, service manuals, and other support services

“FleetUp strives to provide the utmost support in safety, profitability, and productivity for fleet managers and drives alike, and our partnership with OnCommand Connection provides an exciting way to achieve these goals,” said Ezra Kwak, chief technology officer at FleetUp. “By integrating our fleet management and compliance technology with OnCommand Connection, fleet managers can now practice proactive maintenance with real-time troubleshooting faster and easier than ever. We’re thrilled to continue advancing the fleet management and connected vehicle diagnostics industry with our new synergy.”