Derive VQ Telematics Solution for Commercial Fleets

Derive launches its active telematics solution for commercial and government fleets

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Derive VQ can empower construction vehicle managers to safely operate their fleets, for example by ensuring that vehicles never exceed a pre-determined speed even if they’re being driven off speed-limited roadways and requiring seat belt use for vehicle ignition. Further, Derive VQ provides active vehicle upgrades in which idling vehicles are automatically switched off after a pre-determined period of time, preventing wasted fuel use while waiting for on-site materials delivery or off-loading.

Derive VQ device is connected to the cloud through an embedded 4G LTE and Wi-Fi l ink and connects with the Derive VQ app on a driver’s smartphone through the built-in Bluetooth sensor.

  • Pairs an OBD-II vehicle interface with a smartphone app
  • Connected OBD-II vehicle interface with: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G LTE, GPS, Acceleromete, r32MB SDRAM, Internal battery
  • Efficiency solutions: Idle RPM reduction; Shift point (driving RPM) optimization; Manager-defined idle shut off predetermined maximum idle periods, enabled remotely
  • Safety solutions: Static speed governor pre-set maximum speed; Horsepower control; Torque control; Seat belt-dependent start the ignition won’t turn on until the driver’s seat belt is fastened; Anti-text and anti-call “Distracted Driving Prevention” (DDP) driver’s smartphone is restricted to only manager-approved apps while the vehicle is in driving gear, when integrated with a company’s workforce management system; Vehicle lock/unlock via app
  • Telematics solutions and data:Driver-vehicle pairing vehicle interface-to-app pairing requires a driver to confirm before the vehicle can be started that the VIN, time, and date of usage is correct for their shift; Turn by turn navigation with authorized in-app notifications; DTCs tracks all major diagnostic trouble codes; Vehicle location; Vehicle speed; Vehicle direction of movement; Vehicle idle state; Powered takeoff (PTO) events

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