TennaMINI Cellular GPS Tracking Device

TennaMINI is the smallest available cellular GPS tracking device for the construction industry.

Tenna Mini
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Ideal for tracking the position of your heavy and mid-sized equipment and machines, the TennaMINI trackers provide precise GPS tracking and management for your valuable assets.

  • Ultra compact (1.25 in. x 2.25 in. x 5 in.)
  • Available in both a solar-rechargeable and long-life battery models
  • Durable, configurable, easy-to-install and long-lasting for reliable fleet tracking and management
  • Captures location data across cellular networks directly to Tenna for asset location updates
  • Multiple operating modes allowing for a stationary ping rate as well as motion-based ping rates
  • Delivers insights on where your assets are on the map and where they have been
  • Built-in cellular and GPS antenna
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