Tenna Unveils TennaCAM 2.0 Heavy Equipment Camera

TennaCAM 2.0 Heavy Equipment is fully integrated with TennaCANbus, which allows it to deliver ECU data alongside video telematics.

TennaCAM 2.0 Heavy Equipment is fully integrated with TennaCANbus, which allows it to deliver ECU data alongside video telematics.
TennaCAM 2.0 Heavy Equipment is fully integrated with TennaCANbus, which allows it to deliver ECU data alongside video telematics.
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Tenna has announced the launch of TennaCAM 2.0 Heavy Equipment for the construction industry. This dual facing heavy equipment dash camera is fully integrated with TennaCANbus, which allows it to deliver ECU data alongside video telematics.

“This product represents the application of technology commonly found in on-road transportation vehicles to a new area in the construction industry that has been overlooked, but still causes contractors a lot of headaches,” said Enrique Alfaro, director of hardware at Tenna. As with all Tenna products, it was designed and tested in construction environments and leverages Tenna’s knowledge and expertise in heavy equipment hardware installations that other telematics providers often lack.

The TennaCAM 2.0 Heavy Equipment is intended for use within the closed cabin of a piece of heavy construction equipment. Paired with a monitor and additional auxiliary cameras around the sides and rear of the machine, this product provides footage and live visibility around the operation and surrounding area of heavy equipment on active jobsites.

The intent is for contractors to see how well the operator is performing, enabling them with a view of the jobsite from the cab to reduce blind spots; all while seeing the machine’s real-time telematics data from the TennaCANbus tracker.

Use cases for this camera include excavation and utility work, demolition and more. It is impactful for urban or roadwork or projects in and around live traffic and pedestrians. Live streaming gives Operations and Safety Managers visibility into the operation of the machine and its surroundings to advise on hazardous operations or high-risk activities such as demolition of critical structural support elements, loading and unloading, holding high loads, working on uneven surfaces, working near powerlines, backing up complex machines like backhoes, etc.

The camera’s external facing view of the operation helps with checking for a spotter close by and that the machine is operating at safe distances in a safe way. Footage or live streaming of the interior facing view reveals whether the operator is fit to operate, is operating as trained using the right safety precautions, is not using their phone or otherwise distracted while they operate and prevents unauthorized personnel from handling the machine.

“With the TennaCAM 2.0 Heavy Equipment camera, we’re empowering contractors to take proactive measures in risk mitigation while optimizing jobsite productivity in new ways,” said Tenna CEO and co-founder, Austin Conti. “We can now provide live streamed video telematics of equipment operations to mitigate risk, provide footage of critical accidents and near misses, and increase operator safety by improving visibility of blind spots, having an extra set of eyes around high-risk operations. Safety and productivity are top concerns of any contractor, and this product helps achieve those goals.”

“We are proud to continue to be pioneers in construction technology,” continued Conti.

From the owner’s perspective, TennaCAM 2.0 Heavy Equipment serves as insurance policy and last piece of the puzzle for complete fleet and jobsite visibility to help protect the business from liability. Footage provides documentation for claims management and exonerating evidence for operators and the company against incidents and violations. Tenna already provides insight into equipment locations, fault codes, utilization, maintenance needs, scheduling and more. Heavy equipment camera footage fills in the details of what’s happening on the jobsite.

For equipment managers and mechanics, the application of this camera into the machine can provide another layer of visual insight into breakdowns or malfunctions or how equipment is being handled onsite, while integrating into the Tenna platform with the contractor’s other key equipment telematics data. From the operator’s perspective, they are provided with a 360-degree view of their machine for visibility, leading to safe operations for preventative risk reduction.

Safety professionals can use the footage and remote live visibility of the jobsite to correct risky operator behavior, as well as identify and address unsafe site conditions that can be corrected. This can aid in the implementation of new safety protocols to help jobsite staff and crews prevent accidents and support safety improvements. This product also pairs well with Tenna’s Custom Inspection functionality within the Safety and Compliance suite.

Incident videos are available at the end of each equipment cycle, allowing managers to review and analyze events promptly. Footage is also available for live streaming all within the Tenna platform.

The TennaCAM 2.0 Heavy Equipment camera can be paired with the TennaCANbus tracker which allows contractors to monitor OEM or external/third party Power Takeoff (PTO), which uses the asset’s engine power to drive added equipment, perform specific tasks or provide power to external accessories. TennaCANbus also works alongside the AEMP integration so that contractors can get real-time data from Tenna while still receiving custom/priority messages from their OEM. Finally, Parking Mode provides visibility into theft by enabling the camera to keep recording for a preset period of time, even when the machine’s ignition is turned off.

“We are thrilled to introduce TennaCAM 2.0 Heavy Equipment to the construction industry,” said Jose Cueva, co-founder and VP of product at Tenna. “Our customers have asked for this, and nothing on the market exists that provides both visibility live for the operator and visibility into the machine from the equipment management platform. This is an internet-connected camera that streams to Tenna, providing a total solution.”

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