Quincy Compressor Introduces Compressor Efficiency App

EQ Energy Efficiency Analyzer app for iPads calculates efficiency of compressed air systems and energy-saving opportunities

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The newly released EQ Energy Efficiency Analyzer app for iPads allows users to easily calculate the efficiency of their compressed air systems and identify energy-saving opportunities, plus see the cost reduction potential.

Quincy Compressor's Efficiency Quotient (EQ) app is a free tool for manufacturing plant and facilities managers to personally take the first step in assessing electrical consumption for compressed air systems. The powerful assessment allows users to set a baseline of efficiency for their operations. A comprehensive guide is built in, making the computation easy. Enter the compressor configuration and local electrical energy cost for accurate computations.

Download the app by searching "EQ Analyzer" on the categories page in the APP store or use the link http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/eq-energy-efficiency-analyzer/id492166290?ls=1&mt=8

EQ stands for Efficiency Quotient and is an industry standard for evaluating the overall efficiency of any compressed air system. It's also a patented, three-step method based on proven "best practice" solutions. The first step is to complete the Quincy Efficiency Quotient worksheet or use the iPad app. Add up the points and learn how efficient the compressed air system is, plus receive ideas on how to improve it.

The second step is to verify your findings. An Authorized Quincy Compressor Distributor can assist. Find one closest to you.