7 Technology Innovations that Changed Construction in 2018

Impressive technological strides have been made over the past year that will continue to carry momentum into 2019

Construction Dive

Around the end of the year we often focus a lot on what is ahead of us in the new year. But, we can't forget to reflect on everything that has happened over the course of this year. Construction Dive took an in-depth look at seven of the most striking construction technology innovations of 2018.

These include:

  1. VR and AR's influence on training
  2. Humanoid bot independently installs drywall
  3. Artificial intelligence opens doors for contractors
  4. Connected hardhats monitor workers' safety
  5. Hyperloop is nearing reality
  6. "Constructuing" marries manufacturing efficiency to building process
  7. Drone hardware and analytics become more commonplace

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