Branch Technology Raises $11 Million for Fleet of Construction 3D Printers

Branch Technology has announced that it has closed an $11 million funding round for its additive construction technology.

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Branch Technology 3D printer
Branch Technology's process uses less material, so there is less of a path for the 3D robot to trace through as it's printing.
Branch Technology has reported that Branch Technology has raised $11 million to grow a large fleet of construction 3D printers. 

The funding will allow the startup company to hire more employees and improve its technology. 

According to, with the funding round led by EquipmentShare, with backing from Brick & Mortar Ventures, Chattanooga Renaissance Fund and other previous investors, Branch Technology will be able to develop even further. The company plans to expand its team further, incorporating experts in building science, software and engineering. Additionally, it aims to grow its fleet of 3D printers and its overall capabilities.

Branch Technology 3D printerBranch Technology has developed a way to create optimized geometries that use minimal material to build forms.Branch Technology

Branch Technology developed a method called Cellular Fabrication (C-Fab) for 3D printing polymer lattice structures that could then be sprayed with insulation and concrete to create extremely lightweight, yet structurally impressive prefab components. The process relies on industrial robotic arms outfitted with polymer extruders and attached to massive rails, resulting in one of the largest freeform 3D printing systems yet. According to the firm, elements 3D printed with C-Fab use 20 times less material than traditional layered printing, while still enabling remarkable strength-to-weight ratios.

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