Employee Loyalty

The focus of our Construction Equipment Owner Podcast continues to spotlight employee issues in the construction industry. With a shortage of skilled labor rearing its ugly head, retaining your current employees is becoming a necessity that every business is forced to face. So it is important that you keep your crew loyal to you and your business or they will have no problem finding work elsewhere. The solution to this issue doesn't have to be costly either. You don't have to pay your employees huge salaries to earn their loyalty. There are several tactics small business owners can use to make sure its employees remain loyal to the business - and many are low- or no-cost. It's more about the work environment you create as the business owner than it is about bumping up paychecks. Listen as entrepreneurial expert Ty Freyvogel discusses a variety of ways to create loyal employees who'll stick with you through the ups and downs in part one of this two-part series of podcasts.