Lytx Badge Driver Identification Solution

Solution detects driver identification using a QR code, without requiring any additional hardware.

Lytx Driver

The Lytx Badge driver identification solution uses machine vision to make it simpler and easier for fleets to manage driver-vehicle assignments.

  • Detects driver identification using a QR code without requiring any additional hardware
  • Driver scans a unique QR code either from a badge or cell phone using the installed DriveCam Event Recorder
  • Enables fleet manager to identify which driver is operating which company vehicle at any time
  • Driver's name recorded along with vehicle data for visibility into worker and vehicle data including a driver's hours, how much time the vehicle is moving during each shift and how much idle time occurs
  • Automatically assigns events captured by DriveCam to the appropriate driver 
  • Works with Driver Safety, Risk Detection and Fleet Tracking modules
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