The Blue Book Building and Construction Network Announces Major Enhancements

Upgrades and enhancements will help improve the industry's pre-construction process

Westchester, NY – The Blue Book Network has recently released upgrades and enhancements to two of its free digital workflow solutions in a continued effort to help improve the industry's pre-construction process.

BPM Select, providing Architects, Engineers, Specifiers, Building Owners and Contractors with a targeted building product search engine, and access to over 14,000 building product manufacturer websites, now enables users to not only find information on products, but also save, customize and share content with their project design team.

The Blue Book Network also announced the launch of BB-Bid 2012, a completely redesigned and enhanced version of their original project communication system. BB-Bid 2012 provides integrated tools to facilitate all aspects of the pre-construction process, including managing, locating and pre-qualifying vendors, sending project messages and sharing documents, including plans, specs and addenda.

New features include:

  • Customizable vendor view and direct two way prequalification communication
  • "Vendor Wizard" that provides the option to search multiple trades at one time
  • Secure messaging, with follow-up on undelivered messages by The Blue Book Network's Editorial Team
  • A private and secure plan room that provides full reporting and message tracking

"We continue to enhance our products to ensure that they leverage the latest in technology and, most importantly, meet the current needs of our users in helping to streamline their workflow," said Rich Johnson, President of The Blue Book Building and Construction Network. "We are pleased to evolve BPM Select and BB-Bid to best satisfy the requirements of the industry," he explained.