Trimble Teams with Zello for Improved Communications in its TrimFleet Suite

TrimFleet Communicator offers reliable, company-wide communication to TrimFleet Mobile and TrimView users

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Trimble announced today an updated version of its TrimFleet Suite for construction material producers. TrimFleet 6.5 integrates with Zello, a push-to-talk (PTT) application, for TrimFleet Communicator, a feature of TrimView office software and TrimFleet Mobile for the in-cab display. Leveraging integration with Zello for Work, TrimFleet Communicator is a Voice over IP radio replacement that enables quick and reliable communication across the organization.

“Our strategy with Zello aligns with our mission to provide solutions to the construction materials industry for improved business process efficiency and collaboration,” said John Rice, general manager of Trimble’s Construction Logistics Division. “In addition to expanding our portfolio with a high-value voice solution, TrimFleet Communicator extends beyond traditional dispatch-driver communications.”

“We are delighted that Trimble chose to work with us for TrimFleet Communicator,” said Bill Moore, CEO of Zello Inc. “Our technical team has spent years creating innovative instant communication technology to satisfy a global consumer user base of more than 80 million people. Combine that with Trimble’s knowledge and experience within the ready-mix and aggregate businesses, and the industry can benefit from a unique integrated communications solution designed to meet business needs.”

TrimFleet Communicator offers reliable, company-wide communication to TrimFleet Mobile and TrimView users. Leveraging strong cellular coverage combined with flexible Internet voice-calling, TrimFleet Communicator resolves many limitations of existing radio solutions for the industry including connectivity, service, chatter and safety.

Drivers using TrimFleet Communicator, have the ability to talk to channels, make private point-to-point calls or make a direct call to dispatch. They also have quick access to a list of contacts with smart search functionality, channels, emergency broadcasts and the ability to contact the truck in front within the TrimFleet Mobile application.

TrimView users, similarly, can talk to a single driver, channel or other TrimView users. They also have access to voice activity logs and the ability to manage channels throughout the organization from their desktop. In addition, Trimble’s integration with Zello for Work enables communication from any device - allowing TrimView users to communicate while away from the desk - and makes TrimFleet Communicator accessible by departments other than drivers and dispatchers.

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