Duplomatic MS Announces Launch of New Website

The Duplomatic Group launches a new website featuring new graphics, technology and contents to give a faster and more effective response to the requests of professionals in the world of motion control.

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The Duplomatic Group

Duplomatic MS announced the launch of its new website, which serves as a meeting point between the corporate dimension of the company, the community of professionals and the media. The new site offers news, as well as data and information about products and applications covered by the Duplomatic Group.

The site represents the communication platform between the parent company and its subsidiaries Hydreco Hydraulics, Continental Hydraulics, Ocs and Tecnologie Industriali, Duplomatic Hydraulics Shanghai, Duplomatic Middle East, in addition to the business units: Turnkey Projects, Hydraulics Systems and Mechatronics. The aim of the website is to showcase the evolution of the Duplomatic Group and offer a clear overview of the company's identity and activities in the field of motion control. Available in Italian and English, the site offers complete information, an easy browsing experience and an innovative layout that creates a synthesis of the different divisions that make up the Duplomatic Group.

The first level menu, the Duplomatic Group, presents key data about the composition and size of the group, while presenting the parent companies. In addition, the site includes media, news, press kits, a selection of images, press releases and contacts — with all the references to communicate with the company divisions.

From the homepage, designed to provide the latest news, events and key points, five macro-areas are developed and organized into subsections: products, systems, applications, company and distributors. Accessible from any technological platform, from PC to smartphone to tablet, the site is a container of information and new services aimed primarily at customers, but also at industry experts, journalists, universities, research centers and local communities.

“With www.duplomatic.com, we didn't just want to give life to a new site, but to tell about the Group's development that allowed us to become one of the main players in motion solutions," Roberto Maddalon, cheif executive officer at Duplomatic MS said. "The site will be the place to cultivate relationships with our customers, the media, research centers, shareholders, as well as with our associates and the local community, the meeting point from which to tell our evolution that runs parallel to technological research and a growth path that, from 2008 to today, has led us to become a Group with eleven plants around the world and a portfolio of brands that offers its solutions in over 60 countries." 

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