Dodge Data & Analytics Selects Reltio Enterprise 360 to Build New Construction Data Services

Strategic collaboration drives flexibility and scalability to harness, aggregate and analyze data from thousands of public and private sources.

Dodge Data & Analytics, a leading provider of commercial construction project data, market forecasting and analytics services and workflow integration solutions for the construction industry, announced it has selected Reltio Enterprise 360 as a key component of its data platform, which drives the company’s suite of research, planning and bidding solutions.

As part of this new partnership:

  • Dodge Data & Analytics will harness the scalability and flexibility of Reltio’s multi-domain master data management (MDM) software as a service (SaaS) platform to aggregate data from tens of thousands of public and private sources to create complete and accurate master records.
  • Built on the proven, cloud-native its Connected Data Platform, Reltio Enterprise 360 will replace an on-premises legacy system and support Dodge in meeting the mission-critical requirements for providing complete, accurate, timely, reliable data from multiple sources.
  • Reltio Enterprise 360 will consolidate, reconcile and serve as the single source of master data for Dodge Data & Analytics’ portfolio of information and analytics products and services for all commercial construction market participants, along with its sales and marketing programs.
  • Reltio’s SaaS platform, big data performance, Connected Graph technology and capabilities complement Dodge’s cloud-only strategy.
  • Reltio will power new and enhanced solutions that provide expanded data elements, personalization, CRM integration and in-app digital commerce for Dodge.
  • Reltio Enterprise 360 will also enable Dodge Data & Analytics to utilize graph database technology to link companies, contacts, projects, and products in ways that unlock unparalleled benefits for commercial construction market participants

The arrangement positions Dodge Data & Analytics to increase visibility across the construction industry supply chain and uncover opportunities throughout North America.

“Building product manufacturers, architects, engineers, contractors and service providers have and continue to depend on Dodge Data & Analytics to provide construction industry data, relationships, and resources to identify opportunities and grow their revenue. Continually expanding and improving that data is how we have maintained our market leadership for 125+ years, and by investing in best-in-class technology like Reltio’s platform, we are able to further fuel customer growth and success," stated Keith Davies, CTO, Dodge Data & Analytics. "Reltio has consistently demonstrated the superiority of Enterprise 360 for multi-domain master data management in a stringent and competitive evaluation, and its Connected Data Platform excelled in tests of data volumes, velocity and veracity.”

“Dodge Data & Analytics exemplifies the modern, data-driven enterprise which has fully embraced cloud and big data architecture," Manish Sood, CTO and founder of Reltio, commented. "Under the leadership of CTO Keith Davies, Dodge is using Reltio Connected Data Platform – the only MDM SaaS platform with a long-term, proven track record of mastering and managing billions of profiles – to enhance existing services, launch new offerings, and optimize internal operations.”