ClockPoint Kiosk

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Exaktime's new ClockPoint Kiosk is software and hardware that turns almost any Windows PC into a networked time clock. ClockPoint works with standard JobClock Keytabs and FastTrakker. ClockPoint stores all time punches locally as a backup to guard against network downtime.


ClockPoint Kiosk software lets office staff clock in on The JobClock System, a time and attendance system designed for use in the field.

  • Software turns any PC, notebook or netbook running Windows XP or Vista into a real-time JobClock
  • Keytab Reader connected via the USB port
  • Employees touch their personal Keytabs or FastTrakkers to the Keytab Reader to clock in/out
  • Time punch immediately transferred to the TimeSummit database via the company's network (wired or wireless)
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