Labor Tracking System

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The ePlanIt Labor Tracking System (LTS) is designed to immediately increase the bottom line through a reduction in reported labor hours, more efficient operations, and improved resource allocation. ePlanIt offers a state-of-the-art time tracking service that completely automates hourly project time tracking and task scheduling using the latest in GPS and Internet technology. The Labor Tracking System is easy to implement and simple to use. A virtual fence of GPS coordinates is created around the jobsite and each worker is assigned a GPS phone. When a worker enters and exits a jobsite's geo-fence the system automatically detects their phone's presence, alerts the worker that they have been checked in or out, and records the exact time they were on that jobsite. Their arrival and departure times are sent to an ePlanIt server that stores the information and allows real time access and reporting. You will always know who is on your site and exactly when your workers arrived and left. A complete web-based time tracking and reporting application is provided, allowing real time project reporting and schedule management. The LTS also includes task management and scheduling features. When a worker enters a jobsite their phone can prompt them to select what task they will be working on. This information is then sent to your project database. Reporting software lets you compare the time worked to percentage complete for any task, detecting cost over runs before they occur.

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