Mini-Pod Data Recorder

Captures location, hours, idling vs. work logs, mileage, PTO time and dispensed fluids

Minipod2 10362400
Mini-Pod automatically captures data from individual machines such as location, operating hours, idling vs. work logs, mileage and PTO time. It can also be used to track dispensed fluids, including fuel, engine oil, transmission fluid, and hydraulic fluid, for every unit in the fleet. Aggregated data is transmitted via cellular network to a central server where it can be accessed via email or web reports, and the data can be integrated into user companies' management software. 
  • Information is collected wirelessly within a range of 300 ft. line-of-sight and transmitted via secure radio link
  • GPS coordinates are stamped onto the record as hours and other data is collected
  • Generates service alerts and has security options


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