Spectrum Equipment Management Software

Dexter Chaney Equipment Manage 11273500

The cloud-based Spectrum Equipment Management Software is a complete solution for contractors that includes features for preventive maintenance, equipment cost tracking, meter reporting, equipment resource scheduling and depreciation calculating. The new software works seamlessly with Spectrum Construction Software.

  • Mobile app allows field staff to enter equipment info from the jobsite; synchronizes automatically with Spectrum Equipment Management software solution
  • Equipment Tracking solution
    • monitor where equipment is working
    • accurately charge equipment costs to jobs
    • calculate standby costs using cost of ownership data
  • Preventive Maintenance solution
    • establish equipment maintenance schedules based on any combination of time or usage
    • run reports that take conditions for maintenance and lets contractor know which machines need certain work performed within a certain time frame
    • create and track equipment work orders
  • Equipment Control solution
    • tracks operating and fixed costs on each piece of equipment to help contractors accurately set hourly rate for equipment
    • calculates per hour recovery costs using hours used and equipment work order information
    • run a lease versus buy analysis report
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