MultiTrack Tracking System

Portable battery powered tracking system for trailers and smaller assets installs in seconds and requires no external power or wiring

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The MultiTrack portable, battery powered GPS tracking system wirelessly monitors and remotely tracks any powered or unpowered asset, notifying on demand or whenever the host asset begins moving, and alerting whenever there is unauthorized activity during customer-defined curfews.

  • Quick, unwired attachment to any asset in true “slap and track” type installation allows for easy rotation between equipment and installation in seconds
  • Remotely monitor assets from a robust, Internet-based software package or mobile app
  • Requires little or no sky view and can be hidden inside or under certain assets
  • Features a rugged, SAE J1455 compliant waterproof design and up to 16 weeks of internal battery life
  • Optional wiring harness may be used to extend the battery life for semi-permanent trailer tracking installations
  • Communicates trailer location, speed, travel time, route, unauthorized movement and tow alerts

Video: DPL's MultiTrack Battery-powered GPS Tracking System for Trailers and Small Assets


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